Top Lesbian Sex Positions  

Who says girl-on-girl sex is boring? Contrary to popular opinion, lesbian sex has its own Kama sutra. Straight couples don’t have the monopoly to the concept of fun and exciting love making.

Here are the top lesbian sex positions to explore and master.


Get things heated up by standing behind your partner and rubbing your body against her back. Let her feel your erect nipples and hot loins as you caress her body. Tenderly run your hands from her head down to her thighs. Squeeze her breasts and circle your fingers around her nipples. As you do this, kiss her nape and suck on her ear lobes.

Gradually face each other and rub your bodies together. In Greek, this is called “tribad.” Stimulate each other with skin to skin friction. Don’t forget to throw in some torrid kissing for added pleasure.


 A heavy favorite among lesbians, scissoring will open doors for steamy love making. While lying on the bed, interlock your legs against each other so that your vaginas can touch and rub together. Grind your pelvises together to open-up the vulva and expose the clitoris.

This position might be a little awkward and tedious for first timers but once you find the right spot and rhythm for you and your partner, scissoring will be your sexual bread and butter. Once you’re comfortable doing it, you can play around and twist it up a bit. How about sandwiching a vibrator between your clits to heighten the sensation?


Do this by transitioning from the scissor position to missionary while maintaining the contact between your vulvas. Straddle your partner like a cowgirl and get a clear view of the pleasure written on her face. Play with her clitoris using your fingers as you grind along.

Cup her breasts and suck on her nipples or draw your chest closer to her face so she can do the same to you. Break the grinding in intervals to satisfy yourself with passionate kissing. 


Everyone (straight or gay) loves the 69. What’s not to love about mutual oral sex? One person lies on top of another with her private parts directed towards the partner’s face. Work your tongues on each other’s clits and explore the crevices of your labia using your fingers. Find your partner’s G-spot and get to know what makes her squirm with delight.

Don’t just settle for the clit; get adventurous by making your tongue wander towards your partner’s anus. From the vagina, lick your way to the perineum (the area between the vaginal orifice and anus). The sensation is going to be out of this world. Finally, give your partner a decent anal rimming.

The anus is packed with nerve endings and it’s an erogenous hot spot which will drive your partner mad. However, make sure you’ve done the necessary preparations before engaging in this act. Practice clean and safe sex.


Unpredictability is sexy. Everything becomes hotter when coupled with wild anticipation. Blindfold your partner and have her lie down in front of you. Tease her first with long caresses and follow through with pecks and kisses. Tickle her or grind your body against hers. It’s up to you.

Maximize pleasure by performing cunnilingus. Lift her lips over your face and give her the satisfaction that she rightfully deserves.

Apart from being pleasurable, blindfolding also builds up trust and accountability in your relationship. When you can be vulnerable around someone, it means that you have faith that they will do you no harm and will always look after your well-being.


With sex toys, there’s really no need for a penis. You can penetrate your partner using a strap-on in any position you like. Don’t just stick to the boring missionary position.

Try the rocking horse. As your partner lies on her back, put her legs over your shoulders and deeply penetrate her orifice. While you thrust deeply inside her, play with her breasts until she orgasms.

You could also try experimenting with dildos and vibrators. Assuming the 69 position, you can arm each other with toys to supplement cunnilingus. The possibilities are endless.

There are hundreds of sexual positions out there to try for yourself. Some you can perform while standing up, lying down, or even upside down (if one of you is limber enough). The secret to intimacy all boils down to knowing what pleases you and your partner. Look online to do some Kik sexting to understand other peoples passion and wants. You’ll find Kik usernames or mutually minded people who will tell you the ins and outs. Don’t be afraid to experiment and master your craft in bed. A little mischief and creativity can go a long way.