Do Most Guys Like Lesbian Porn?  

It’s stereotypical to assume that straight men have this strange fascination of watching women doing it with each other. Take for example the worn-out sketch in movies or television where nerdy guys comically ogle at two girls making out. How much of this fantasy permeates in real life? The answer is unsurprisingly obvious.

Pornography continues to be the main agent for people to live out their frisky inclinations. To confirm if most men indeed have a penchant for lesbian action, you need to take-a-peek at what they get off too. No, stalking your friends’ web history won’t be necessary because Pornhub already released an interesting statistic.

On February 2016, in the spirit of the upcoming US elections, the adult website creatively illustrated how Americans are also divided not just in political affiliations but also in porn preferences. They showed a US map showing the most searched terms on their website and the one that surged to the top is “Lesbian.” From the West to East Coast, most guys search for lesbian porn over any other subject or category.

If you think this is just an American thing, then you’re wrong. In fact, per Pornhub’s year-end review, “lesbian” is also the most searched term worldwide in 2016. It now remains undisputed for two years in a row. Aside from the US, its search popularity is also dense particularly in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK.

Remarkably, it’s not just the men who are flooding the lesbian content of porn sites. Marie Claire magazine surveyed the porn habits of women and found out that 44% of the subjects gravitate towards lesbian porn compared to the 63% who stick to heterosexual flicks. Some would assume that in the same way men would enjoy watching two females having sex, the same case would apply to women the other way around. However, only 14% of Marie Claire’s respondents preferred watching gay male porn.

So, what is it about lesbian porn that fascinates people? It’s interesting to know what goes on inside your brain in response to erotic visual stimuli. Psychologists speculate that sexual fantasies stem from residual feelings from childhood which are carried over to adulthood. People’s porn preferences may be a subconscious way of overcoming shame, loneliness, guilt, neglect, and constraint. Watching porn becomes an antidote to these bottled-up emotions by turning them into pleasurable ones.

Every individual has his/her own favorite sex scenes which drive him/her to orgasm. Lesbian porn is just a general category and people get off to varying and specific scenarios. For example: Person A enjoys romantic scenes where the actresses perform passionate love making, while Person B favors bondage and dominating sex. This is linked to their experiences in early childhood. Someone who grew up with a strong sense of inadequacy might counteract this by imagining himself in shameful scenes such as the ones portrayed in sadomasochistic porn. In a way, he gains power over this negativity by taking charge of it. He is unaware that his fantasies can mask the pain associated with his past.

Perhaps the fascination with lesbian porn is how people embrace a taboo, albeit privately. It’s a rebellion against a systemic induction to what’s considered right or normal in society. Most would have been raised in communities where homosexuality is a peculiarity or some form of evil, an idea which is perpetuated by their religion and culture.

In the end, watching porn is ultimately a private experience and doesn’t necessarily translate with sexual relationships. As Marie Claire found out in their survey: your relationship to porn is mostly about you—your sexuality, unencumbered by a partner.” The ultimate goal of watching porn is really to get off and learning about what gets you there.

In terms of porn habits, men are drawn to visual cues which highlight youth and overlook the emotional and human complexity of relationships. Lesbian porn doubles these visual cues by featuring not just one, but two nubile and unencumbered ladies. Yet it is highly unlikely that they will engage in a mutual relationship with a lesbian (neither would lesbians have the slightest interest in straight men).

Sexual fantasies are essentially just figments of the human mind; they don’t necessarily materialize with daily interactions. Because they are fantasies, anyone can tweak them per his/her own quirks, hidden desires, and frustrations. They can defy universal laws and common sense; they follow their own rules. They are deeply personal and cater to each one’s need for pleasure which sometimes couldn’t be found within one’s own social and sexual relationships. Jump on social media to find mutually minded people. Find Snapchat nudes that relate to you and message the accounts owner to share your passion. Also, the next time you watch porn, don’t feel too ashamed about it.